Why Foster Kids

There are more than 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. Many have suffered the effects of poverty, neglect, and even abuse. Studies show that for many foster children, the challenges are just beginning.

  • Each year, more than 250,000 children enter the U.S. foster care system.
  • The majority of foster children have at least one chronic medical condition.
  • Foster children experience four times the emotional problems as their peers.
  • Foster children average three different placements, and nearly half do not return to live with their biological families.
  • Foster children repeat a school grade twice as often as other students.
  • Foster children score 15-20% below other kids on statewide tests.
  • 37% of foster youth drop out of high school, compared to 16% of the population.
  • At age 18, 61% of foster youth have no job experience.
  • Within 18 months of aging out of the system, up to 50% of foster youth become homeless

But it doesn't have to be that way. Mattress Firm Foster Kids, a program of the Ticket to Dream Foundation™, a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, is joining forces with local foster care non-profit partners and our communities in an effort to help foster kids beat the odds.

Many foster children are removed from their homes with just the clothes on their backs, making it necessary to replace essential items very quickly. For many foster families, however, the cost associated with doing this can be prohibitive. While foster parents do receive a stipend to cover basic needs, it is often not enough to cover all necessities. That’s where the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program comes in—to help fill the gap. For children who are away from their families and have been separated from their siblings, these small donations can mean the world.

Now more than ever foster youth need your support. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of foster children and show them that their communities are here to support them.

Mattress Firm believes not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.  With your help, we can provide the essentials, resources and little extras that all children need. Learn more about ways to help today.