Host Your Own Drive

Bedtime Book Drive: June 3-July 26

Do you remember snuggling up in bed to get ready for your bedtime story? Maybe you had a favorite book that put you right to sleep. At Mattress Firm, we are dedicated to helping everyone get a good night’s sleep, and we believe that developing a good bedtime routine, like reading a bedtime story, sets you up to sleep well.

You can help local foster children enjoy the comfort of a bedtime story by hosting your own Mattress Firm Foster Kids Bedtime Book Drive. Collect new book donations from your friends, family and neighbors, and then drop them off at your Mattress Firm.

Read on for more details and information about how to get started.

How it Works

1. Spread the word about your donation drive

Get the word out about your drive by talking to friends, neighbors, family and co-workers.

Send emails and use your social network to encourage even more people to donate new bedtime books for foster kids of all ages. Below are a sample email and a sample Facebook post for you to use.

Hang posters in high-traffic areas or distribute to potential donors at gatherings.

Get the word out by talking about your collection drive at staff meetings, kids’ soccer games, community events or religious gatherings. Post an announcement in your office newsletter or slip the information into a meeting agenda.

2. Collect your donations

Designate a central location for collecting donations, whether it’s your home, a community center or the lobby at work. Make sure to clearly mark containers for donation drop-offs.

If you prefer collecting cash donations, start a personal campaign on our website and ask friends, family and co-workers to donate online via your fundraising page.

3. Drop off your donations at the nearest Mattress Firm

Donations are accepted at all Mattress Firm locations. Use the store locator  to find the nearest one to you.

4. Keep in touch

Stay in touch at [email protected] and let us know how we can provide additional support. We’d love to celebrate the success of your campaign with you too!


Need more supplies, information or support? Contact us at [email protected].

Sample Email

To: Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, PTA

Subject: Donate books for local foster kids

Hi there,

Do you remember your favorite bedtime story growing up? I know I do. Bedtime stories are just a small part of creating a bedtime routine that supports a great night’s sleep. Unfortunately, there are foster kids across the country who are in need of these small comforts. That’s why I’m supporting the Mattress Firm Foster Kids Bedtime Book Drive!

With help from carefully selected non-profit foster care agency partners, the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program takes in donations and provides them to local foster children in need. My goal is to collect (insert number) books, and I need your help.

Donate children’s books starting June 3 and I will take them to Mattress Firm. I have fun shopping and always find great deals that allow me to pick up one or two more items, but if shopping isn’t your cup of tea, you can always donate online, and your gift will be used to provide foster children with special services and programs.

Thank you,

(insert name)

Sample Facebook Post

Do you remember your favorite bedtime story growing up? I know I do. Unfortunately, foster kids are sometimes unable to establish bedtime routines, including reading stories, that help promote a great night’s sleep. Now through July 26, I’m helping Mattress Firm Foster Kids by collecting books to give to local foster children. All you have to do is donate children’s books at [insert drop off location] starting June 3, and I’ll drop them off at the nearest Mattress Firm. My goal is [insert number of books] and I know we can reach it!

Sample Poster

Coming Soon


To host an upcoming drive, please contact [email protected] to help get you started.