Providing for Foster Kids

There are more than 400,000 foster care kids in the U.S., and Mattress Firm is committed to helping them get a great night’s sleep so they can be successful. With your donation of items like pajamas, bedtime books and toys, or a monetary donation, you’re providing a foster child with the gift of hope for a better future.

Many foster children are removed from their homes with just the clothes on their backs, making it necessary to replace essential items very quickly. These foster children may struggle to get the proper sleep they need when they’re in a new home or an unfamiliar place. Bedtime routines can include giving children favorite sleep-time objects—like pajamas or stuffed animals—to help solidify a bedtime ritual and help kids get a better night’s sleep. For many foster families, however, the cost associated with doing this can be prohibitive.

While foster parents do receive a stipend to cover basic needs, it is often not enough to cover all necessities. That’s where the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program comes in—to help fill the gap. Mattress Firm believes foster kids, and all kids, need a good night’s sleep. When you donate items like pajamas, bedtime books or toys, you’re providing a foster child the gift of hope for a better future. For children who are away from their families and have been separated from their siblings, these small donations can mean the world.

In partnership with the Ticket to Dream Foundation™, Mattress Firm teams up with non-profit foster care partners to improve the lives of our local foster children. Visit your nearest Mattress Firm to donate today and help local foster kids get better sleep for a better future.

How We Can Help

Throughout the year, Mattress Firm hosts donation drives at our stores and in our communities to collect funds and essential items that foster children often go without. If you don’t live near a Mattress Firm location, you can also donate online, and your gift will be used by our carefully selected foster care partners to provide foster children with special programs and services.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of foster children and show them that their communities are here to support them. Mattress Firm believes not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.