Host An Upcoming Drive For Foster Kids

Host an Upcoming Drive for Foster Kids

Shoe Drive September 3 – October 21  

All kids should have the freedom to run, jump and play with confidence. So, we’re collecting new shoes for local foster children of all ages. But if you really want to take it to the next level, we’ve made it simple to host your own drive.

Read on for more details and information about how to get started. 

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How it Works

1. Spread the word about your donation drive

Get the word out about your drive by talking to friends, neighbors, family and coworkers.

Send emails and use your social network to encourage even more people to donate new shoes for foster kids of all ages. Below are a sample email and a sample Facebook post for you to use.

Talk up your collection drive at staff meetings, kids’ soccer games, community events or religious gatherings. Send an announcement in your work newsletter or slip the information into a meeting agenda.

2. Collect your donations

Create a central place to collect donations, whether it’s your home, a community center or the lobby at work. Clearly mark containers for donation drop-offs.

If a cash donation is preferred, consider starting a personal campaign on our website and asking friends, family and coworkers to donate online through your fundraising page.

3. Drop off your donations at the nearest Mattress Firm

Donations are accepted at all Mattress Firm locations. Use our store locator to find the most convenient drop-off location for you.

4. Share your success

Please provide us with your name, contact information and a short story about your efforts so we can share your generous story.  You deserve the recognition, and it shows other community members that they can make a difference, too.

Email and tell us how you’ve given back to your community.


Need more supplies, information or support?  Contact us at

Sample Email

To: Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, PTA

Subject: Help local foster children make great strides with new shoes!

Hi there,

For foster kids, comfortable new shoes are more than meets the eye. They’re a chance to succeed at sports, walk with confidence and jump for joy. Unfortunately, foster children are often placed in care unexpectedly with only the clothes on their backs. They need all the basics—all at once—which can be challenging for a foster family to accomplish.

That’s why I’m supporting the Mattress Firm Shoe Drive for foster kids this year. With the help of non-profit foster care partners, the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program takes in donations and disperses them to foster children and families in need. Your generous support allows foster families to pick up the new shoes from one of Mattress Firm’s local non-profit partners.

My goal is to collect (insert number) pairs of new shoes for children of various ages and all sizes, and I need your help.

Donations of new shoes in all sizes, from toddler to teen, can be dropped off at (insert location), and I will take them to Mattress Firm. I have fun shopping and always find great deals that allow me to buy one or two more items, but if shopping isn’t your cup of tea, you can always donate online, and your tax-deductible gift will be used to help provide foster children with special services and programs.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

 (insert name)

Sample Facebook Post

Taking a step in the right direction has never been easier. Now through October 21, I’m helping Mattress Firm Foster Kids by collecting shoes to give to a child in need. All you have to do? Pick a new pair of shoes in sizes toddler to teen and donate them. My goal is (insert number) pairs of shoes, and together, and I know we can hit that mark. (Insert personal campaign link here)



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